Safe, flexible, efficient.

The MICCRA DFK Lab is an easy and quick to clean, efficient flow chamber system for your lab and small scale production purposes. As a result of the modular construction, all known rotor/stator-components from the batch-series are uncompromisingly available for this chamber also. Due to the significant higher circumferential speeds, end-finenesses up to 160 nm (depending on product) can be achieved according to product features and application. As yet, this was not possible with such small systems.



DFK 1.0

The flexible solution for short-term operation. Our standard laboratory homogenizers MICCRA D-15 or MICCRA D-9 provide the needed drive for your work.

Price: on request



DFK 1.4

The flow chamber system made for continuous operation in lab and pilot plant scale. Firmly connected with our MICCRA D-27 high-end drive, you will achieve unique product results up to nanometer range.

Price: on request

The DFK system allows you the processing of larger volumes in Inline-/flowthrough-procedure in lab and pilot plant scale. The solid construction method made of high-quality stainless steel and the highly resistant sealing materials guarantee a versatile application in all industrial branches to: – chemically and/or physically change of media capable of flow – carry out smaller and therefore cost-saving attempts in the field of research – create e.g. new recipes, – transfer the gained insights in the lab scale to your future production sizes (scale up) MICCRA DFK INLINE HOMOGENIZER
Construction example DFK 1.0 with MICCRA D-15